HandMade Color Mission:

We created HandMade Color as we believe that Color creates happiness in our life every single day. Our mission is to improve people’s happiness by bringing to them colorful handmade products, and to improve our artisan’s lifestyle with outstanding corporate citizenship and financial support.


HandMade Color Vision:

When we created HandMade Color, we knew that it would be important to provide support for the artisans that create the colorful products we represent. Our travels led us to Colombia the most colorful country we’ve visited. Colombia has many artisans that craft purses, hammocks, shoes, bracelets, and leather goods. While in Colombia, we learned of the indigenous Wayuu tribe located in La Guajira, Colombia. The Wayuu are recognized for their beautiful, handmade bags. These fantastic people welcomed us in to their homes, and worked with us when we selected products for our customers. They use the expertise learned from their ancestors to make these beautiful bags. They are true artists, using multiple colors and patterns to represent their culture and spirit. We knew during our first visit that our corporate vision would include support for these wonderful people. Our vision for HandMade Color is to be a worldwide promoter of and recognized outstanding financial supporter of the Colombian Wayuu community.


HandMade Color – Corporate Stewardship Plan:

HandMade Color will donate $2 of every Wayuu-crafted product we sell back to the Wayuu community. We will visit the artisans annually in their communities and use these donated funds to acquire goods that will be used to improve their lifestyle. We’ll document our corporate outreach for all of our customers and potential customers to see. Our customers can take pride in knowing that their purchases are helping these wonderful people improve their lifestyle!