Colombia Single Origin Cauca

Colombia Single Origin Cauca

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  • 12 oz. (340g)

  • 87-point Regional Select, Single Origin Coffee

  • Medium (City) Roast

  • Fresh roasted at 5˚ North Coffee Roasters, located in Romeo, Michigan, USA


  • Region: Cauca, Colombia

  • Grower: Various Farmers

  • Harvest: September- December, Apr-Jun

  • Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

  • Altitude: 1758 - 2100 masl

  • Process: Washed


  • Cherry & Lime

  • Rich Chocolate

  • Tangy Fruit Acidity

  • Creamy

Café de Cauca

Rich Chocolate. Cherry. Lime. A big serving of "Wow"!

This specialty coffee will have you saying "Wow!" from the first tantalizing hints of fragrance to the smooth, creamy mouthfeel of your first sip. This 87-point coffee from Cauca is, in a word, simply delightful. Here's why:

Location, Location, Location

  • The Cauca region of Colombia is 3° N of the Equator. Sunlight in this coffee-growing region is relatively constant all year round. It’s home of the Colombian Massif, the cradle of major Colombian rivers that nourish the earth and create the perfect environment for the production of coffee.


  • People make a difference. Cauca is home to 26% of the country’s Indian population and 86 of the country’s 549 Indian reservations. There are approximately 94,000 coffee-growing families. Caucan coffee growers are known for their love of the land, special care in processing and production, and community based work. (FNC. CAUCA Denominación de Origen, 2010)

Roaster's Delight

  • The 5° North Roasting team really hit a groove while roasting this coffee. The fragrance, aroma, and cup notes famously revealed themselves on the cupping table. If you've ever been part of a cupping experience, you'll know that it is recommended to do it in silence. Well - we couldn't help but expressing our delight in this beautiful coffee with quietly whispered "Wow" commentary throughout the session. We think you'll do the same when you try it. It's that good.