Colombia Fair Trade Organic Tolima

Colombia Fair Trade Organic Tolima

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  • Medium (City) Roast

  • Fresh roasted at 5˚ North Coffee Roasters, located in Romeo, Michigan, USA


  • Origin: Colombia

  • Region: Planadas, Tolima

  • Grower: ASOCANAFI

  • Altitude: 1.700-2.000 MASL

  • Harvest: Oct - Dec

  • Variety: Caturra, Castillo and Tabi

  • Process: Washed

  • Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic


  • Cherry

  • Orange

  • Caramel

Tolima - the location and the people:

Colombia Fair Trade, Organic is sourced from family owned farms organized around Asociación de Cafeteros Nasan we'sx de Gaitania (ASOCANAFI), located in the Planadas municipality in southern Tolima.  ASOCANAFI is comprised of 54 members from the Páez Nasa We'sx indigenous group. This group came from Colombia’s Cauca region 120 years ago and has around 3,500 habitants. Today ASOCANAFI assists its members with ongoing training that promotes sustainable agricultural practices, including water treatment and reforestation. ASOCANAFI supports coffee producers that are working to obtain their organic certification. 

The Coffee:

This coffee is is depulped with a traditional depulper, fermented dry, and dried in parabolic dryers for eight to ten days. The resulting cup is extraordinary, fully representing the effort and care these farmers put into their product.