Wayuu life in Epinayú

Lets Take a tour of the Wayuu culture



We have the honor to introduce Yalinda. She lives in the Moloconsira community. She was kind to invite us to her home. "We couldn't believe it when  she asked us if we want to visit her Rancheria". She sells Wayuu bags in the city on the beach boulevard.  To get to the city, she walks about 2 hours on a dirt road, and then takes a bus for 30 minutes.

Yalinda's mother is on the right. She also makes Wayuu bags. This craft is certainly all in the family! 

This community is named Moloconsira, and the family or clan name is EpinayúEach time a family member gets married, they build a house in the Rancheria.  A Rancheria is a small community made up of family members or clan. Each Rancheria has about 6 houses,  The Wayuu people are also excellent farmers.  They raise sheep and goats, which is the second income after the Wayuu bags. Unfortunately, the land that they farm is often dry because it is mostly desert. It can be up to four years between rainfall!  For this reason, Wayuu bags and livestock are their primary source of income.


We are pleased to introduce Manuel to you. Manuel stole ours hearts and we admire his ability to weave a bag. He loves knitting, which he does after his studies. This helps Manuel buy the supplies he needs for school.